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The Mocking of Christ The Mocking of Christ

The Mocking of Christ

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The Small Passion (First Edition)
Date of Work
Signed in plate
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Original woodcut from the first edition of Dürer's Small Passion published in 1511.
Latin text verso.
Monogrammed in the woodblock 'AD bottom left.

From the expulsion of man from the Garden of Eden to the final judgment of an ascendant Christ, Albrecht Dürer’s breathtaking Small Passion, widely considered the old master’s magnum opus, has moved viewers for over half a millennium.

Dürer's woodcuts for the Small Passion are of remarkable quality and finesse and while the paper may display some minor signs of age after more than five centuries, we feel that the durability of Dürer's iconography necessitates that the woodcuts be displayed in their original condition; to that end the sheets have been neither cleaned nor restored in any way.

Custom made, hand gilded frame with museum quality mount and non-reflective glazing.
Albrecht Durer PortraitBorn in 1471 in the wealthy, commercial city of Nuremberg, Dürer apprenticed as a painter and printmaker before setting out on his own in the late 1490s. Travelling across Europe, he quickly garnered a reputation for his immense talents and natural charisma, becoming increasingly popular in Italy where he had lived and worked in the bustling town of Venice.

By the 1500s, Dürer had turned his hand from oils to printmaking. Plagued by the pressures his newfound celebrity had placed on painting canvases, the grainy texture of printed ink and the economy of the press drew the artist to wood engraving. Cheap to produce and easily distributed, the woodcut lent itself to popular imagery that could be disseminated throughout the masses: thus Dürer’s first major project, and today his most celebrated, was the Small Passion, a suite of images depicting the final days of Christ’s life.


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